The Contest Ends with but a Whimper

  Well, it didn’t go as planned, BUT, we did get a few entries, maybe even as many as 5 (including mine, 7 if we add 2 that didn’t qualify), so judging must begin! I’ll be sending all the entries to Brodie Brazil himself to review, so please be patient.  Until he gives us his […]

Enraged? Here’s How to Make a Difference

Kane, Varlamov, Voynov, all reprehensible cases of DV (or possible rape) in the NHL. It’s disgusting that the league has chosen not to take a stand on these issues, but we the fans still can help. Below is a list of shelters and services for victims of domestic violence and rape in the Bay Area. […]

UPDATE! DRAW BRODIE BRAZIL, no, really, please?

Hey there Brodie Brazil fans! As you know, we (the royal we, since this blog is currently just I, but whatever, we sounds better) announced THIS TOTALLY AWESOME CONTEST on the second of September. The prize, though not listed, are real. The chance to have fun, is real. The lack of entries is also, sadly very […]

The Curious Case of Couture and the C

This article hit the internets earlier today, suggesting, not entirely unreasonably, that it is time to give Logan Couture a letter. He was trotted out last summer as a potential new leadership guy, and while we all thought Pavelski would get the C, it looked like he and Vlasic would get the A, thus completing […]

CONTEST!! Draw Brodie Brazil! WIN PRIZES!

Are you tired of the same old summer contests? Are you looking for something new? Do you like fame, fortune, and winning things? If so, have I got a contest for you! DRAW CSN’s own Brodie Brazil! #DrawBrodieBrazil Rules: Goofy, wild, crazy images are encouraged. Go nuts. Super nuts. Like DEEZ NUTS Post your drawing, […]

Rock and Roll Part No

Listen! Do you smell that? That’s the sound of Sharks hockey swiftly approaching, and true to off season form, the Sharks have decided to change a few things up. Most notably, their goal song. For years it’s been Rock and Roll part two by Gary Glitter, but that’s about to change. Mr. Glitter is not […]

On Sentimentality

Mina and I were recently discussing how sentimentality affects our ability to rationalize and accept player trades. While neither of us would like to see Joe Thornton traded, for example, losing Patrick Marleau to a trade would be far worse. That might not bear out statistically speaking, but from a sentimentality stand point, it’s true. The […]

Why I Like Writing

@PezDOY, of trashboy and Day’s of Yorr fame, suggested this topic today on twitter, probably mostly as a joke, but I still found it intriguing. Writing is something I enjoy, although I don’t get to do it as often as I would like. People think being a stay at home parent is the shit, you […]

Recapping the NHL Awards

In what has become a yearly reminder that there are, in fact, fates worse than death, then NHL Awards show aired tonight in what is one of the most painful faux celebrations of sport the world has ever not seen. When you long for the days of the awards being some kitchy Canadian affair, you […]

Not at all Weekly Weecap

What’s a month between posts, eh? Anyway, while I was busy living the high flying, jet setting, sweet blogger life style, the Blackhawks won the Cup, ousting the Lightning, (whom I favored) in six games.  The Sharks also made some news, none of it involving a fight between teammates or Joe Thornton and Doug Wilson […]

New Coach In Town

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to decide how I feel about the Sharks hiring Peter DeBoer as their new coach. I’ve settled on, “well, at least it’s not Randy Carlyle,” because that really is the best summary of my feelings. I’m not too sure what to expect from DeBoer given all the […]

Miscellaneous Minutiae

First up, some minor notes: Hey, did you notice this today? Comic on DOY! Haven’t posted much of late, been busy busting blogger stereotypes from not my basement, but I have been keeping track of the Sharks, uh, moves. I’ll be disappearing come November, on account of having a newborn to care for, so I’ll […]

It’s Not You…No Wait. It Totally Is You.

Sharks, I just, I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t even. I don’t know about you anymore. You aren’t making the summer easy. I didn’t think you would, but it’s almost like you’re trying to drive me away. While we all knew change, much like winter, was coming, letting Todd walk seems like a bad […]

Jumbo Jabs

The Sharks cleaned out their lockers today, visibly bringing the terrible 2014-2015 season to a final end. Media was there and, as always, the Sharks had  few things to say about the way the season ended. Logan Couture made is unhappiness with the club’s culture known, the quote that got the most traction came from […]

The Season in Review

I debated just posting a really big poo emoji because it seemed like it would be the most appropriate  and succinct way to wrap up the season that was.  Sure, it wasn’t all bad, but there was a lot of not good, sub par, ok, total meh, and ehhh, could be better mixed in with […]