The Week in Review

Stick a fork in this season because it is done. While not mathematically eliminated (yet) the Sharks remain a full eight points behind the Jets in the playoff race. Eight points that, let’s be honest, they aren’t likely to make up in the games that remain. The Sharks are also still six behind Calgary for […]

Party Line

In what I have to assume was one of the most awkward party lines ever, it has been reported that both Joe Thornton and DW received calls from Sharks majority owner, Hasso Plattner following their very public spat last week. What was said will never be known, but Thornton and DW are said to have […]

Jumbo Drops a Bomb

By now you’ve all seen this:               HO. LEE. PUCKS. That’s a helluva a bomb drop by the Sharks former Captain and occasional assistant/alternate Captain. What is going on here? Ok, so it’s not like we didn’t know that there were big problems in little teal land since last […]

Why Must You Lift Me Up and Then Break My Heart Again?

Can we talk about Saturday night’s game? I feel like it was the perfect 60 minute summary of the Sharks season. Start well, keep looking really promising for 20 minutes, look a tired in the second and shit the bed by the end of the third. YOU HAD A 2-0 LEAD SHARKS. YOU HAD ONE […]


Couch Tarts In full effect Party on hockey people let me hear some noise Couch Tarts in the house jump jump rejoice! That’s right, everyone! CouchTarts THE BLOG has come back from retirement! It’s been awhile, so it’s understandable if some of you don’t remember that we used to be a semi popular, occasionally read […]