Big Deal: Save $25 on ALL Ticket Network Orders

The 4th of July weekend is coming quickly upon us and our friends at Ticket Network are running a special promotion to celebrate our Independence Day! Use promo code USA25OFF to take $25 on all orders over $150.00*. If you can’t save the world from an alien extinction this 4th of July, at least you can save some […]

SAN JOSE, CA - JUNE 04:  Ian Cole #28 of the Pittsburgh Penguins in action against Logan Couture #39 of the San Jose Sharks in Game Three of the 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final at SAP Center on June 4, 2016 in San Jose, California.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

2016 Stanley Cup ticket prices drop

The Pittsburgh Penguins (2-1) take on the San Jose Sharks (1-2) tonight in Game 4 of the 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Finals, and ticket prices have been noticeably cheaper than last year. According to data pulled by TicketNetwork, the average price of a Game 4 ticket is $865, compared to $996 in 2015. Location is […]

Poop Rainbows and Get the Win

Hola Sharks fans, Getting this post up a bit later than I had intended to, with just 90 minutes to go before game time. It’s been a busy few days for me, which helped pass the long period of no hockey time, but didn’t make for such a great schedule for blogging. ANYWAY, the long […]

Game One’s in the Books: 3-2 Pens

Pens take Game 1 3-2, but don’t disparage yet. There’s time, friends. Time to turn things around, and, if you’ll recall, last series, the Sharks lost game 1 before bouncing back in games 2 and 3. Ok, so game 4 was bad, but the series ended with a Sharks win, so, really, it all evens […]

It’s Here. It’s Happening

After years of waiting, drinking, crying, off season disappointment, choker jokes, inane arguments about Joe Thornton not being HOF caliber, and just general annoyance, the Sharks are competing in the Cup Final. The Stanley Cup Final. The words are surreal. There’s still a huge chance for disappointment, a disappointment like no other, but I feel […]

Y’all Salty

Sharks twitter was salty tonight. You guys know it was just game one right? Sure, It’s game one of the WCF, but still, IT WAS GAME ONE. While the Sharks didn’t look great, the Blues didn’t look much better. In fact, they looked down right mortal. If the Sharks had managed to put together a […]

Sharks V Kings, Round 1, Game 1

Remember back when we did this regularly? When I didn’t just throw up hastily put together digital ink jobs? Nah, I don’t either. Yeah, the Sharks has boobs. What are you going to do about it? It’s been so long that I almost forget how this works. Part of me actually kind of enjoyed the […]

Better Super Late Than Never Trade Reaction

Ok, so it’s not the most timely of posts, but, it’s a post nonetheless. The trade deadline has passed and now it’s time to objectively and critically react to the moves the Sharks made.   WHOOO WE GOT A COMPETENT BACKUP FOR A HELLA GOOD PRICE HOLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAA *ahem* Ok, sure, Reimer’s only a rental, but […]


I’m Back, Jack!

Hey guys, I’m back! Did you miss me? Probably not, but that’s OK. Anyway, I’m off the LTIR and ready to go. Coach says I won’t get a lot of minutes, but I’m still going to do what I can. (unlike Mike Brown, I will not use my few minutes of ice time to take […]

The John Scottroversey

You don’t have to like somebody as a player to understand that they’re a person. That’s important to remember here.   The NHL couldn’t bring itself to accept that the fans had used the vote to game the system and vote in a guy who, under normal circumstances, shouldn’t be within 1000 miles of the […]


Hey everybody! Having officially reached term, I am stepping aside in order to allow nature to (eventually) surprise me with a tiny human being. With that, allow me to introduce the new staff: Auth0r, Schtimpy27 and, back from the past, CTMinako! They’ve all been kind enough to volunteer and help out while I’m on the […]


Aloha! Long time no update. I think I was lulled into a partial coma by that game against the Devils and only just now fully recovered. (Seriously, I thought the Wild were boring but the Devils take the cake). Anyway, we have some news to announce. No, not the new dates for the heritage jerseys, […]

A Weak Recap of the Start of the Season

Holy Hockey Gods, the Sharks are ROLLING! Sure it’s only the third game of the season, but they’re looking good. I know, I know, the Sharks have had good starts before, and it’s only October and they suck in the playoffs and blahblahblah, LET ME ENJOY THIS, OK?! The Sharks look good. They look fast […]

The Contest Ends with but a Whimper

  Well, it didn’t go as planned, BUT, we did get a few entries, maybe even as many as 5 (including mine, 7 if we add 2 that didn’t qualify), so judging must begin! I’ll be sending all the entries to Brodie Brazil himself to review, so please be patient.  Until he gives us his […]